Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dear Mrs. Sinclair

Dear Mrs. Sinclair. I regret to inform you that your husband Robert is missing in action as of December 30, 1943.

Lieutenant Sinclair was last seen piloting his P-38 in the Southwest Pacific. Unfortunately military secrecy prevents me from disclosing the exact nature or location of his mission. I can report that, according to others in his squadron Lieutenant Sinclair's unarmed plane was attacked by several Japanese Zero fighters. Your husband took evasive measures, but fire was seen in one engine and his plane descended rapidly. One member of the squadron reports seeing a parachute but others say there was none.

It grieves me to deliver this news, but I trust your strong heart and steadfast nature will see you through the difficult times ahead. Bob spoke of you often, and while I cannot say I know you I feel confident you are someone who can face adversity with the same firmness of purpose your husband showed every day.

If there is further word you of course be notified. For now, please accept my sympathies. Lieutenant Sinclair was an outstanding pilot and served his country with distinction. Your husband was immensely proud of you, and you would honor him by carrying on with the war work that is as essential to our victory as the missions he flew.

Sincerely, William Howard, Commanding Officer

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