Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gosh, I realize it’s been just forever since I’ve written. Shame on me! There has been a lot going on. Bob and I took the train down to Portland for Thanksgiving with my parents. Mother is the same as ever; outwardly nice but still annoyed that I married an architect instead of a doctor. Bob put up with it nobly as he always does. Helps that my mom is a great cook, and that my cousin Nick joined us. Nick is full of stories about working in the Kaiser Shipyards down on the Willamette. Those relief ships they’ve been building for Britain have been christened “Liberty Ships.” Nick is so proud to have worked on one called “The Star of Oregon.“He says no one believed that ships could be welded instead of riveted, but that Henry Kaiser proved them all wrong.
The only really unpleasant Thanksgiving occurrence was the first real fight I’ve ever had with Bob. He and Nick both think it’s inevitable we’ll join the war. Nick can’t join up because of his bum leg, but Bob wants to be a pilot! I’ve never been so horrified in my life! How could he think of leaving me after we just got married? Besides, FDR promised we’d stay out of the war and I believe him.

Needless to say it was a pretty quiet trip back to Seattle. Thankfully Bob relented and said he won’t go, and there’s been no more ridiculous talk.

I had a visit from widow Ina’s gardener, that odd Mr. Murakami. He gave me a beautiful print by some artist named Hasui. It’s lovely but I don’t know what to do with it. It doesn’t go with our decor, and I’m afraid neughbor Betty would have a conniption if she saw it. She thinks Japanese imperial spies are hiding behind every lamppost!

All’s finally quiet now. Bob’s as busy (and bored) as ever designing offices for Boeing and housing for plant workers. We got all our Christmas decorations up. I’m really excited about the Christmas party Bob’s firm is hosting on Saturday night, the 6th. It will be in the Chinese Room in the Smith Tower!

I promise to write more frequently in the future. For now, merry Christmas to all, and I wish each of you a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

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