Sunday, December 11, 2011


I just moved to West Seattle from my home in Portland, Oregon. My husband Bob, (who looks just like Tyrone Power!) is an architect. His firm is just swamped designing new buildings for Boeing; they’re growing so fast with all this Lend-Lease work! My parents still live in Portland, where my cousin Nick works as a welder in the Kaiser Shipyards.

My best friends are my neighbors Betty Wilkins and Susan Johnson. Betty’s husband Joe works in Boeing’s Duwamish plant. Poor Susan’s a widow (husband died in a logging accident) so she has to work in an office nearby to support herself and her son Jimmy, who has leg braces due to polio. Despite her hard life she’s a sweetheart, more so than Betty, who’s awfully brassy sometimes!

Down the street there’s a big old house, much grander than the bungalows on my block. The mysterious old widow Ina Sullivan lives there. Susan, Betty and I got up the gumption to pay her a visit; turns out she’s much nicer than we expected a timber heiress to be, and she’s lonely. Seems her daughter Jane, who’s about our age, has been away for some time for some scandalous reason, so Ina’s society friends are snubbing her. Ina won’t talk about Jane, but she’s really
proud of her two sons. Tad’s a Yale man, working as a physicist back East. David’s a naval officer stationed in Pearl Harbor, the lucky duck!

My favorite hobbies are reading and listening to music, especially Benny Goodman, Guy Lombardo and Xavier Cugat. I also love baking. My least favorite activity is laundry – I hate running the linens though that mangle on my washing machine and having the house all damp and steamy while everything hangs to dry in the basement!

I met Bob in college, though I only had a year there before he graduated with his architecture degree. I’m interested in current events and read the Seattle Daily Times every day, though it’s depressing now with all the war news. As long as FDR holds to his promise to keep us out of it I’m sure we’ll be OK.

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